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What are Some Good Wearable Voice Recording Devices?

Voice recording has been the very common practice over the years as technology has grown rapidly. The choice depends mostly on the individual needs and preferences. In this guide, we are going to learn about some of the widely used wearable gadgets with voice recording features. These are best suited for your budget and very compact and small.


Compact Button Micro DVR

It is the first HD button camera that has separate camera and video recording functions. It is very easy to use. You can record audio or use it as video recorder. The device is small enough to fit any small or large shirt. You can take pictures, record audio, or video secretly. To notify about the active unction, it vibrates at various intervals.


Body Worn Camera with Wi-Fi

This body worn camera is equipped with mini 5MP pinhole camera which records videos in up to 1080p HD resolution. Using the app, you can stream live video with Wi-Fi inbuilt from your tablet or smartphone. The camera records at WVGA, 720p and 1080p qualities. It records videos at 1080p HD H.254 at 30fps and saves in .mov format. It stores videos on your memory card and playback on app.


Bluetooth Hidden Camera

Want to record your experience in stores in new ways as a secret shopper? This Bluetooth Hidden Camera is the best device for you. It looks just like an ordinary Bluetooth device and won’t let anyone to suspect you. It comes with internal storage of 4GB for up to 160 minutes of video recording in 640x480p resolution. Users can also take pictures in 1280x960p resolution. So be sure to wear Bluetooth hidden camera next time when you are on a secret shopper mission.


Necktie Hidden Spy Camera

This hidden spy camera comes with DVR inbuilt. It is a necktie camera which is suited well for portable surveillance operations and is best choice to use by law enforcement personnel to conduct sting operations. It records at 30 fps in crisp clear 1920x1080p resolution and stores data in its 8GB memory card.


BEATview Wi-Fi HD Sunglasses Video Recorder with remote

The brand-new multifunction sunglasses video recorder is best suited for rock climber, patrol man, and surgeon. It records videos in 1080p, 720p and 640x480p resolution. It also features a remote controller to turn on and off when needed and record just important moments.